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Zirconia Crown

Zirconia Crown

Starting at $89
  • Single tooth posterior crowns.
  • 14 different shades to choose from.
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Resin Crown

Resin Crown

Starting at $69
  • Single tooth posterior resin PMMA crowns.
  • 9 different shades to choose from.
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Duplicate Denture

Duplicate Denture

Starting at $129
  • Exact copy duplicate. 3D printed.
  • Several gum and tooth shades to choose from.
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Digital Splint

Digital Splint

Starting at $79
  • 3D Printed.
  • Biocompatible.
  • Maxillary or Mandibular.
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Our Guarantee

Predictable Results

Our crowns, dentures, and night guards are made with predictable form, fit, and function for consistency and reliability. Our products are simple and aesthetically pleasing.

Economical Prices

ToothBoxTM is proud to offer quality products with lower pricing that will help improve your dental practice and elevate access to preventive dentistry for all.

100% Digital

Our digital process makes it easy to place an order and receive your products in a timely manner, keeping the workflow streamlined and efficient.

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Restore smiles. Protect your margins.

Our goal at ToothBoxTM is to provide dependable, affordable restorative products for the patient while offering a streamlined workflow, increased profitability, and improved efficiency for the dentist. We are able to do this by creating our own products here in North America. With smart sourcing and a 100% digital process, we can ensure the quality, consistency, and fair pricing for dental practices that choose our crowns, dentures, and night guards.